Two nights ago, I put bendy rollers in my damp hair and went to sleep and in the morning I awoke with beautiful curls that held all day! I've never tried bendy rollers in wet hair, however I can imagine that the hair shaft wouldn't dry all round the roller and as a result, you'd be left with wet, limp, lifeless curls. 

When I woke up, my hair was super curly and I wanted my curls to drop a little before I put hairspray in it. This was my hair when I woke up - as you can see it was super curly and big - I looked like a poodle. I kept the rollers in for about an extra hour while I was doing my makeup and I planned to get my outfit on before I took the rollers out, but the anticipation was killing me and I was so excited to see my curls! Even before they dropped out a bit they looked gorgeous too, and with some frizz-taming hairspray (my fave is the Tresemme Ultimate Hold one), the curls would be less frizzy and I'd be ready to leave the house.

However, as the morning went on and it was time for me to leave the house, the curls dropped and as a result my hair looked less frizzy. I also pinned back the front of my hair as it was getting in my face and this gave more volume to the section on the right of my face. I used the VO5 hairspray (I can't remember what it's called) in my curls as it is less stiff than the Tresemme one. 

My curls stayed all day but I don't have a picture of my hair at the end of the day. I really think that using bendy rollers to create curls is a great method of curling hair. When I curl my hair with a curling iron I am lucky if they stay for a few hours, however with this method they stayed through wind and light rain. 

Overall I am so impressed with how well my curls turned out and how long they lasted - I was just looking to do something different with my hair and was only concerned with my curls lasting until I finished college, but they stayed curly for so much longer than expected. In fact, last night I didn't wash my hair and kept the curls, expecting them to fall out in the night but they made my hair quite wavy and there is still a noticeable curl pattern to it. My rollers cost £2 from Primark and I picked them up in summer to change up my hair routine. I would definitely suggest this product to anyone - the rollers are so inexpensive and made my hair look and feel amazing! I didn't use any product on my hair prior to applying the rollers, apart from my kukui oil which I always use, however I'd be interested in applying my Lee Stafford Here Come the Curls Creme Lite to my hair before using my rollers and seeing what the effects are. 

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- Ashleigh xoxo 


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