♡ Naked Palette Dupe ♡

I got this Sleek Storm palette in early September last year, but I never used it as I think it's quite similar to the Naked palette. But I thought I'd try and see it and how I liked it. 

I personally love the colours in this palette as they are quite earthy tones, and I feel I stick to earthy tones in my eyeshadow looks. 

I decided to jump right into it and do some swatches of this palette, and just from doing swatches I can see how pigmented these shadows are. What I love about this palette is that there is a decent amount of shimmery colours coupled with matte colours - which is so ideal as I know I'd worry about not having a matte for my crease otherwise. 

I then thought I'd swatch my Naked palette to see how close the colours are, and as you can see, the Naked and Sleek palette are almost identical, with the exception of a few colours. There isn't the green and blue colours in the Naked palette, and there is more brown tones in the Naked palette. The eyeshadows in each feel different, so you can definitely tell the Naked palette is of higher quality. 

All in all, both these palettes are great. The Naked palette is such a good eyeshadow palette and is worth the money as you can create so many versatile looks with it and is so good quality. I've had mine for over a year, use it a lot and haven't hit pan on any of them. However, if you're looking for a dupe that is just as long-lasting (I had to use soap to get my swatches off), pretty, pigmented and so inexpensive, then the Sleek Storm palette is definitely for you!

What dupes of high-end makeup do you like?
- Ashleigh xoxo 


  1. Thanks for the comparison! I've had the Sleek palette for a while now and used to use it every day! It's super handy for popping in my travel bag or handbag for a night out. I've not got a Naked Palette (pretty sure I'm the only girl EVER who doesn't!) but it's really interesting to see a comparison with something that's so cheap and available!

    Gemma xo


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