♡ Soap and Glory Face Wash Review ♡

For Christmas, I got a Soap and Glory suitcase and it had Hand Food, Smoothie Star body lotion, Sugar Crush body wash, Scrub of Your Life body scrub, Speed Plump moisturiser and Face Soap and Clarity face wash in it. I love all of these products individually, and I've previously used the Hand Food hand cream and the Scrub of Your Life body scrub and love them. 

I've used the face wash since Christmas (I use it at night after I remove my makeup, usually with the Soap and Glory Total Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Water) and I can definitely see an improvement in my skin! I don't have the worst skin, however I am prone to a few spots, usually around my chin area, but this wash really helps! 

How I apply: I use this after I've removed my makeup, and I use a cotton pad to remove my makeup. I use a face cloth to wash my face and don't like having mascara streaks on my face cloth. I wash my face with water first, then apply a 2p sized amount to my face and apply this all over. Then, I wash my face to get all the residue off. 

As I am applying this at night, I use my Speed Plump (also by Soap and Glory) moisturiser and I put some Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse oil on top of that. Personally, I feel the Soap and Glory moisturiser really adds moisture to my dry face, and the facial oil makes my face feel so soft and glowy! 

Thanks for reading, what face wash do you use? Any recommendations? 
-Ashleigh♡ xoxo