♡ Violet Voss Holy Grail Swatches ♡

So, yesterday I done a look using my Holy Grail palette and I was in love! I went for more of a neutral-coppery look (usually I do brown looks), but I wanted to see how the neutral colours performed on this palette. 

For my eyeshadow, I used the colour "Transition" in my crease and mixed the shades "Awesome Sauce" and "Toffee" on my lid. On my lower lash line, I applied "Awesome Sauce". 

Aaaaand this is the look with my eyes open. I've applied an Instagram filter over this picture, hence why I look a little ethereal. This eyeshadow look did make my eyes pop a lot, and I'd strongly recommend it for those who have blue eyes. (I have blue-grey eyes and it made them look so blue!) 

One main criticism I do have on this palette is that I found it really difficult to think of a look to try out. This is probably due to me just being stuck in my ways of applying slight variations on my normal chocolate eyeshadows. Nevertheless, I thought the shadows themselves were very easy to blend, as it usually takes me a lot of work just to get my eyeshadow looking semi-decent, however this required virtually no effort. All in all I am impressed and feel that this eyeshadow is definitely worth the £43 price tag!

....Now for the swatches...

I have taken these photos in artificial light as now it is far too dark to take any in natural light, so I apologise in advance if these do not appear as good!

The first three colours are really pretty highlight shades. (Crystal, Poof and Thanks a Latte), however are really hard to swatch so instead of showing you, I will try to describe them. Crystal is a lovely, creamy, sparkly white shade that looks exactly like how you'd imagine it. Poof is a beautiful pearly pink colour that could be worn as a highlight, and would also look lovely as a base or just as a shadow. Finally, Thanks a Latte is a matte white-ivory shade. 

So, from my wrist to my elbow, the colours are: Transition, Hashtag, Awesome Sauce, Bestie, Toffee, Chill, How U Doin, Bat My Eyes, Cool Beans, R U Kitten Me? and So Jelly. The last two colours didn't show up great so I shall swatch them with the next batch of colours. 

The next swatch (again, starting from my wrist) are: R U Kitten Me?, So Jelly, On Fleek, Brownie Points, Teddy Bear, Glamping, Cranberry Splash and Wine N Dine. 

These eyeshadows are soooooo pigmented, it is unreal. They wash off really easily too and are waterproof. (It was raining yesterday and my mascara ran, but my eyeshadow didn't come off). I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but I felt like they didn't run at all when it was srainig, yet when I washed my face it came off so easily! For me, these eyeshadows are definitely worth £43 and I can see why these shadows always run out of stock because they are so good! Another thing which excites me about this palette is how it will make me think of more eyeshadow looks to try as it doesn't contain a lot of browns, however contains a lot of other colours that I never wear on my eyes. 

I am so excited to continue using this palette, and create loads of looks that I never normally wear! 

Thank you for reading :) 
- Ashleigh xoxo