As it is nearing the end of the college year (1 month today until I finish!!!!!), I thought I'd do a post on how I organise my life. I'm admittedly not the most organised person by a long mile, but I have some helpful hints and tips that may help some people for next year. 

1. I have a weekly planner (which I bought for £4 in Primark after work one day and is the cutest thing ever!) and I spend 10 minutes or so every Sunday evening before bed planning my week. I try to leave space under all days as things can easily happen without notice and require my time. It's really important not to strain yourself either - I try and balance my workload over five days so I'm not busy one day all day. 

2. When it comes to blog posts, I've tried to learn from my month-long hiatus and I have started queuing posts. This is so ideal as when I get so busy that I don't have time to blog, I often get writers block when I can blog! Queuing posts helps me feel less stressed as I know there is new content going up. Another thing I do in regards to my blog is I write all of the posts I am thinking about doing in a month (usually about 14) and as I promise to do reviews of new products on my blog, I log them into my notebook. This helps me not forget anything or get too overwhelmed and it really helps!  got this little black notebook from Primark (as per usual) and it cost me only £2.50! 

3. My third helpful tip is to keep a diary where you store all dates for projects etc. This helps me remember when I have things due for and gives me a chance to look on all the things I have to do and start planning for the future. I got this little beauty from Poundland as I couldn't find a diary I liked anywhere else. 

That's all my organisational tips regarding studying. How do you organise your life? 
Thank you for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo