Hello guys! I can't believe we're almost finished May, it seems like yesterday I was writing my April favourites! I'm almost finished college and I'm so excited, this means I'll have more time to spend on my blog! Today I'm working, which is rubbish and I'm not happy about at all, but it means money for makeup and clothes which is great! Whittling down my May faves was hard, as I have used so many products which I loved! I've tried to keep this as concise as I can! 

These products are my birthstone bracelet from River Island, my Activated Charcoal tooth polish, my Kylie lip kit in the shade Posie K, my Vanilla lip balm from Marks and Spencers, my mint green nail polish from Nails Inc., and my You Had Me At Bonjour top from River Island. 

I got my teeshirt and my bracelet from River Island at the same time. The minute I seen this top I knew I had to have it and the ruby bracelet is so sweet! I loved it from the moment I set eyes on it and now I'm so excited to wear both of these items! 

The next product that I love is this Nails Inc. nail polish in the shade Belsize Lane. I got this in one of my Birchboxes a few months ago and love the colour. The only real issue I have with this is how the colour applies to your nail - I find that it's not a smooth application. 

My next May favourite is my Activated Charcoal tooth polish, which I reviewed here and I have nothing but good things to say about it!

I gt this vanilla lip balm for my Christmas - but have been using this non stop recently. This ties in well with my Posie K lip kit which I've had for ages but never worn because matte lips dry mine out! I have started pairing the Kylie lip kits I have with lip balm and my lips feel so much more hydrated with them on!

That's all the products I have been loving recently! Thanks for reading! :) 

Ashleigh xxx