I completely underestimated how popular soft matte lip creams were until I started blogging! And I didn't realise how many people didn't like them. 

I love my soft matte lip creams. I'm not a fan of the Lip Lingeries, but I love my soft matte lip creams. 

My soft matte lip creams were my first introduction to liquid lipsticks. Until that day I had just been applying lipsticks - usually Plink! by MAC.

I have four soft matte lip creams, five if you include my Cannes lip cream, which I can't find so I can't swatch it. Left to right, the colours are Milan, Copenhagen, Antwerp and San Paulo. 

These are my swatches of the same colours in the same order. 

In my opinion, the lip creams themselves are very pigmented and not at all drying. With the darker colours, you need at least two coats in order to make them completely opaque, however that has to be expected. For £5.50 you really can't go wrong! 

What are your opinions on the soft matte lip creams? 
Thanks for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo  


  1. How strange, I love the Lingerie range but am not a fan of the lip creams. I must admit that I am a stay all day matte lip kind of girl though x
    Jay Xo

    1. I personally find them really drying which is a shame as I love the shades!! Xoxo


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