Today, I'm going to do a tutorial using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette which is my second favourite eyeshadow palette due to how natural the colours are! One of the colours is smashed, which is disappointing and the colour names are barely visible! This palette is perfect for everyday wear, but also good for nights out too as you can really smoke the eyeshadows up! Another plus is this palette smells so strongly of chocolate. *heart eyes* 

Firstly, I used the deep brown shade (third from the left in on the second row) on my crease and blended this up, and I also used the dark brown on a fluffy brush in my outer corner. Then, I used the light brown shade (third from the left in on the top row) in the inner part of my eye and I blended it in with the darker brown shade. To finish I used the shimmery white (the second from the left on the second row) over where I used the light brown and patted this in with my finger. To finish the look I used my New Look lashes in the style Ultra Volume. 

I think this look is so easy and looks so classy for a night out! Thanks for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo