Happy Friday guys! I can't believe the week has already went by so fast! I decided to do ten facts about me, as many of you don't know a lot about me! I tried to do kind of obscure ones (instead of the common "I have 3 sisters etc.) So without further ado, I'll get into the facts!

1. I love reading so much, even though I haven't done a lot of it recently just due to being busy, and a fact I'm proud of is that when I was 7 years old we had a test in school and I had the reading age of a fourteen year old! I've always been so into reading. 

2. I am in love with the Little Mermaid, and one thing on my bucket list is to see the statue in Copenhagen and I really want to go to the Hans Christian Anderson museum! We went to Disneyland in Florida when I was fifteen and I was completely in awe of the Ariel actress! 

3. My favourite place in the world is Paris! I've been three times now, and the last time I went was on my 18th birthday! My birthday is on Bastille Day, so there are fireworks at the Eiffel Tower on that day, so it has always been something at the top of my bucket list to go to Paris for my 18th birthday and it was magical! 

4. I love makeup, as you may have guessed and I have 40 lipsticks alone! I don't have as many as other people though! 

5. My all time favourite Disney character isn't actually Ariel from The Little Mermaid, it is Flounder! I honestly can't pinpoint why I love him so much, but my friend Megan bought me a Flounder mug and a Flounder tsum tsum for my birthday and I was so happy! I love anything with Flounder on it and I'll gladly buy things I will never use for Flounder's face. 

6. I still have the first ever teddy I got (it's in the first pictures of me from the hospital too!) It's a lion named Lino and my dad got him from Woolworths before my mum went into labour! 

7. My best friend lives in Milan and I'm finally seeing her after a whole year apart in August! We are going to spend a week together in Scotland and then a week in Italy. I'm so excited!

8. The first liquid eyeliner I found that I loved like no other was the Sephora fingertip eyeliner which I got in Paris and it was about 6 euros. It's brilliant! I bought 3 home with me and I can't wait to get more in Milan! I also use my Supercat liner, which was in my April favourites post, and I think these eyeliners are as good as each other! 

9. My absolute favourite song ever is Elephant by Tame Impala or Wait for Life by Lana Del Rey. (but I have too many favourite songs to mention). 

10. I love the ballet, I used to do ballet lessons when I was a little girl and I've always been amazed by it! My favourite ballet is Swan Lake or the Nutcracker. 

So that's my ten facts! I hope this gave you more of an insight into who I am! If you have any questions about me, feel free to leave me a comment! Thanks for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo


  1. Aw we actually have quite a bit in common, Ashleigh! I love reading too, I was obsessed from a young age with stories! The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film as well, Flounder is the best! I hope you have an amazing time catching up with your friend!

    Abbey 💕 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. So great to read about other bloggers who also love reading! Woo!
    p.s. Im now going to look for that eyeliner😭🙈


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