5 products I will NOT be repurchasing...♡

Hi guys! Hope your Mondays went well and didn't drag in too much. First off, I want to apologise for missing a post on Friday and being almost MIA the whole weekend, but I was really busy and didn't have any posts in my drafts :( 

I decided tonight I was going to do a post on the make up products I don't like. These products lack what I'm looking for  and just don't have what I want. I definitely will not be repurchasing these. 

Before I go on with this post, I just want to let you all know that these picks were not to bash anyone or anything, all of these companies do some amazing products which I love but these specific products don't do anything for me. These products may work for other people and different skin types etc.  

The first product that I won't be repurchasing is the Rimmel London Brow This Way Styling Gel. I got this gel in the shade 003 dark brown, which is usually the shade I get in Rimmel products, but this was far too dark on me. I may be swayed to buy it in a lighter shade as I can imagine it'd save me loads of time in the morning but the texture of the gel is far too lumpy and thick. I am not a fan. 

Also by Rimmel, I have the ScandalEyes Precision Micro Liner which I'm not a fan of either. The tip is really bendy and flexible and it's not a solid black line. I also find that it dries up really quickly. 

I also have the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in the colour 001 Dark Brown. This was a  product that I wanted to love, as it had been raved about by so many bloggers and youtubers, and I was so underwhelmed by it. Close to nothing comes off on my skin unless I have been rubbing it against my skin like crazy!

This KISS Eyelash Adhesive is underwhelming. Though it's not necessarily a product you can buy alone (this one was in a packet of KISS eyelashes I bought, but I'm sure you can buy the glue separately too) I thought I'd include it. For me, this glue is far too tacky and doesn't hold the eyelashes onto my lash line as well as the Eyelure glue or the DUO adhesive. 

My final product is my Balanceme Instant Lift Primer, which I received in my Birchbox. The one thing I don't like about this primer is that it has a creamy consistency which is almost moisturise-like. I hate this about any primer as I have an oily T-Zone and massive4 pores, I'm looking for a primer to control my oilyness and my huge pores. This primer may work well for girls with dry skin but it does nothing for my skin!

Thank you for reading! What are your least favourite makeup products? Ashleigh♡xoxo