♡ Boutique Of Molly Product Review ♡

Hi guys! I'm back with another review, this time it's of a playsuit from Boutique of Molly. I was kindly contacted by BOM last week, asking me if I would be interested at reviewing any of the items in their store and I jumped at the chance! 

Disclaimer: This review is 100% honest and exactly what I think. I'd never want to be a blogger who's disingenuous - I'm going to tell the truth and I'm never going to lie about what I think.  

If you are interested in anything off this site, I will leave a 20% discount code at the bottom! 

I picked out a beautiful playsuit named Jade - you can see it here. This playsuit is so gorgeous and I fell in love instantly after seeing it and could not wait to try it on. 

This is a picture of the playsuit on - as you can see it is absolutely beautiful. 

I took these pictures in my living room as the weather looked like it was about to rain - however of course the minute I was done it looked so beautiful and sunny!

In terms of delivery, as I was contacted on bank holiday Friday I was told that my items wouldn't be sent away until the Tuesday and then on the Tuesday afternoon I had received an email to let me know my product had been shipped, and I never received my playsuit until Thursday due to build-up after the bank holiday weekend. I cannot fault the company at all in terms of delivery, and am overall satisfied. They also ship worldwide - which is great as you can get these items from anywhere. 

The material feels very high quality and durable. I am not really a big buyer of playsuits, but this one is gorgeous and feels so soft! The one aspect of this playsuit that did slightly let me down is the sizing. Boutique of Molly start stocking their clothes from a size 8, but I'm usually a size 6. I got this in a size 8 and it fits me great, but at the chest it was falling off me!I (slightly) rectified this by adjusting the straps, but I'll need to get this sewn as I feel like any sudden movement and the top half will blow open! 

Thank you so much for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo

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