REVIEW: Scrub Love - The best body scrub around?♡

Hi guys! Today I'm going to review my Scrub Love Hydrating Coconut Oil body scrub which I got in my Birchbox - I'll link it here if you want to have a read. :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll be able to tell right away that I loved this scrub! At firs I was a bit sceptical of the powers of this scrub, but I was blown away. This scrub claims to exfoliate dead skin, stimulate cell turnover and nourish and hydrate skin and *spoiler alert* it does all four!

This scrub smells lovely, it smells of mango and coconut and it left my skin feeling smooth, smelling nice and looking soft! I have incredibly dry skin (especially on my legs) and this not only exfoliated them and removed the dryness, but also moisturised my skin and I didn't have to use any extra moisturiser (which is a first for me). The texture of this scrub is like any other body scrub to be honest - it requires you to wash out your bath afterwards but it leaves your bathroom smelling heavenly. You only need a handful of this scrub. 

Overall, I'm in love with how this scrub smells (it's really beautiful) and would recommend it to everyone. I will definitely be repurchasing once my scrub runs out. 

Thank you for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo