Simple Kind to Skin Moisurising Face Wash... Love or Loathe?♡

A relatively new product which has appeared in my bathroom cupboard is the Simple Kind to Skin Moisturing Face Wash. 

I actually only got this face was as it was on offer in Asda and I was looking for a face wash to keep at my mums house so I don't have to worry about bringing face wash with me every time I go over. 

I have very dry/oily combination skin - the worst combo! - and my skin is very sensitive. I love Simple moisturisers but have never got on with the green Simple face wash as I found it far too drying on my skin. However this facewash really is so moisturising! This wash tackles my oilyness while cleaning my skin without drying me out! 

This wash smells very fresh and clean - like every other face wash I've smelt. This doesn't bother me, however may be something to watch out for if you're looking for something unfragranced. 

The texture is really hard to describe. I'd say this wash is quite thick and has a creamier feel to it. It also appears shiny and holographic once it is out the bottle - I think this is where the moisturising properties come from. 

I usually follow this up by using whatever toner is in the bathroom at that moment - right now it's the Simple Kind to Skin Toner and I usually use some of my mum's Clinique Dramatically Different face lotion or my Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser. 

Hopefully you can tell how much I love this facewash and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with skin on the drier side. Thanks for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo