A topic I have slightly touched on is my best friend who actually lives in Milan! She is over for 12 days, before we go to Milan together for a week, so I've not been as active on social media as usual as I am spending my time with her! 

We went out last night to a quiz night, which was fun and was something I'd definitely do in the future. 

First of all, me and Francesca went to Bread Meats Bread, which is honestly the best burger restaurant I've ever been to! They have Bread Meats Bread in Glasgow and Edinburgh (we went to the one in Glasgow), and I hope they expand their restaurants as they are genuinely so good, and I'm sick of telling my English friends about them and knowing they don't understand how good it is!  

I ordered a buttermilk fried chicken burger, Francesca ordered a burger with steak, pulled pork and bacon, and we ordered salad and sweet potato fries to share!

After having our burgers (which were mouth-wateringly good!) we walked to Kelvingrove Park. I chatted on the phone to my grandparents, and then we had a walk down to the fountain. 

Glasgow Uni is probably the most beautiful university I've seen - on par with Edinburgh! - and we couldn't not take pictures. 

You may have caught a picture of this fountain on my Instagram as it is so pretty! We sat on a bench across from it and played 'Heads Up!' for a little while. 

And then we decided to walk to the pub where the quiz was held. ('Crossing The Rubicon' in Great Western Road if you're interested.)

We walked the long way, but got pretty views of the River Kelvin so it was worth it. 

We got to the pub a lot later than the time, and we were aptly named 'Late but Great', however we weren't all that great until the last question, which I guessed! The question was "According to the 2011 census, what percentage of the population of Wales speak Welsh?" and I guessed 23%, which was the closest to 19%. Then, I had to roll two six's on two dice, which didn't happen and so we didn't win the £160 prize money. :( 

Once we left, we decided to walk from Partick to Central train station and seen loads of pretty views. Unfortunately, we had missed sunset by ten minutes so we were unable to get any pretty sunset pictures, but got a few pictures of Glasgow in dusk! 

These pictures are of Kelvingrove art galleries and museum in dusk taken by Francesca. She also took pictures of the River Kelvin and Glasgow Uni. 

I had such a lovely night and I would recommend a pub quiz to anyone, it's such a fun and enjoyable experience and I had a lot of fun!

Until next time,

love and hugs!



  1. All of that food looks truly mouthwatering! I haven't been out for a burger in ages so your photos have given me a craving! Glasgow has some stunning architecture, it must've been lovely to explore at dusk! Sounds like you've had some much-needed quality time with your friend! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Abbey 🍉 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. I may be quite biased seeing as I live there but Glasgow is beautiful! xx


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