Body positivity (or my lack of)♡

I'm currently sitting in my bed - with new sheets on, freshly exfoliated legs, a face mask on and I smell like a coconut mango. You'd be forgiven if you thought I was going to do my fake tan tonight, but this is what I do when I feel rubbish about myself. 

I have always struggled with my body and how I look. I have never been completely happy with my weight, I have always strived to be as skinny as possible, however I'm a size 6 and I've always been this skinny. 

The thing is, I know I'm not fat. 1000 people could tell me I'm not fat, and I know that, but I have no body positivity. I'm not happy with my body and I honestly couldn't tell you why.

Maybe it's because I am so skinny, so putting on any weight makes me feel like I'm fat? Maybe it's because I have insanely high standards of what I should look like in my head, and any slight deviation from that makes me feel bad? 

To make myself feel better, I usually pamper myself! This is just a way for me to feel better about myself. I also usually watch some reality TV, usually Love Island or Rupaul's Drag Race (both shows I am loving right now!). 

However, I'm slowly starting to learn to love myself. It's slow and laborious, (I've not cried over how I look in a while now!) but I am getting there! The only advice I can really give to anyone struggling from not liking their body is that loving yourself is hard, but it can happen! In the words of Rupaul "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?!"

Love and hugs, 

Ashleigh♡ xoxo


  1. I think sometimes we do tend to be overly harsh on ourselves, and it can be hard to love yourself, but your advice is spot on xx

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  2. You do a great thing in pampering yourself, it'll help!! And I don't think there will be one person that is entirely confident about their body, there will always be one little thing that someone doesn't like but as you said loving yourself is hard, but it can happen!☺️☺️

    1. Aw Hannah that comment made me smile so much!! Thanks for reading love xx

  3. I think we're just harsh on ourselves because we're surrounded by social media with unrealistic ways women should look but we have to love ourselves right xx


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