A problem I sometimes deal with is lack of motivation. Sometimes from seeing another blog that looks so much better than mine, another Instagram etc. De-motivation happens, but here are some tricks I have to stop myself from feeling this way. 

1. I look at inspirational photos and quotes on We Heart It and Pinterest. This helps me as I feel more ready than ever to do whatever I have to do. 

2. I remind myself that if I don't do this today, then I'll have to do it tomorrow. A little stress can make me work wonders! I hate having too much to do in one day, so if I can get something out of the way ASAP I can get on with the rest of my day! 

3. I reward myself with something once I've completed the task. It could be something as small as watching a movie (probably a Wes Anderson or Woody Allen film), or treating myself with a shopping day! Whatever it is, I'm ten times more likely to work if I have something to gain. 

4. I look at photos and videos of places I want to go. This helps me as I can see what I'd like to do in the future and gives me something to work towards. 

5. I remind myself that there are people who want me to do well, whether this is with blogging (I have readers and I don't want to let them down), college work (my family want me to succeed and I want to work in marketing once I have a degree!) or where I work (there are customers who I don't want to disappoint). 

These are five things which help me feel motivated, hopefully they were helpful! What tips do you follow when you have no motivation? 

Thank you for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo