Hey guys! I recently picked up a duck-egg blue floral kimono that I found in the New Look sale for a bargain £6(!) so I thought I would share my tips on how to style it. I have always loved the look of kimonos, but was drawn off buying them as I felt they were a fad and a bit pointless. I still do think those things; it's too thin to keep you warm but is just another layer of clothes when it's too hot. Nevertheless, I picked one up (even I can be tempted) and planned to wear to for my holiday to Milan in August. 

On Monday, we in Scotland got some unexpected warm weather and it was also my youngest sister's birthday, so off we went to Kelvingrove Park and the art galleries. It was a lovely day and I'm so happy with how Instagrammable my outfit looks! My photographer is my sister (not the one who had her birthday on Monday) and I think for a nine year old she is fab at taking photos and getting my good angles!

I wore my kimono from New Look - I actually picked it up from the Generation 915 section in a size medium! I paired it with this classic pink v-neck cami from Forever 21 which I tucked into my high-waisted shorts that I picked up from New Look a few years ago.

Overall, I absolutely love my kimono and I'm already thinking up possible outfit combinations so I can wear it again soon!!

Love and hugs,

Ashleigh♡ xoxo