June favourites♡

I am so sorry for the delay on this post - it became July without me even noticing. In June, I tried not to buy as much makeup as my birthday is on the 14th July. I know that I'm more than likely going to get makeup from a lot of family members, so I didn't want to buy anything new. These are products that I have been loving recently. 

First product that I have to rave about is the Garnier micellar water. I'm so late to the party with this one but I love it! On my post on Friday, I included the Soap and Glory Micellar Water, which is just as good for removing your makeup, but makes your skin kind of sticky. I had heard amazing things about this one, and it lives up to the expectations! It feels just like water, and it is great and I love it. 

The next product I have been loving is the MUA lipstick in the shade 11. This is a lovely coral-pink lipstick and goes well with all makeup looks. I have been reaching for this more and more often. 

I love my MeechNMia brow pencil! I spoke about it briefly in my June Birchbox post, and it has really become a go-to brow product for me! It's so pigmented and so easy to create the brows of your dreams. 

I have also been loving my Mon Paris body lotion which I got for Christmas alongside the Mon Paris perfume. I used to wear the perfume all the time, but now that it's summer and there are bees and wasps everywhere, I prefer to use the lotion to ensure I smell lovely!

My final favourite is this Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Kit and I love how this has all the colours a girl could ever need! I have been using the green so much, and I love how blendable and creamy the colours are. If you're a newbie to colour correcting then I recommend this! 

Thank you for reading! What products did you love in June? 


  1. Lovely post! I also love the Garnier Micellar Water, perfect for removing make-up and it feels so refreshing doesn't it!

    Steph x

    1. It does!! It's great! Thank you for commenting :) xoxo


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