Shimmery eyeshadow look♡

Today I thought I'd show you an eyeshadow look that I love. It's so quick and easy to do and I feel it's so easy to wear during the day and at night - it's so versatile and that's why I love it! Also - I just have to apologise for my eyelashes in the second picture - I have no idea what happened!

As you can see, this look is so beautiful and can easily be dressed up or down! I first off primed my eyes with my MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer. This primer does the job for me (I always find that eyeshadows crease in my lids, no matter what primer I use) however this one keeps the colours looking more vibrant. At £2.50, it's an absolute steal and it does the same job as my Benefit primer. 

Next, I use my Naked palette to create this look. My Naked palette is definitely my go-to palette as I find that it has all the colours I use on my lids. I first off use the shade 'Toasted' and I run this shade along my crease with a fluffy crease brush. A dupe for this I've found is the pink shade in the Sleek palette. I've done a post comparing the Naked palette and the Sleek palette here. Next, I grab the shade 'Hustle' on a fluffy, tulip shaped brush (I used my Spectrum brush C06) and create a "V" shape on the outer corner of my eye and I blend this with 'Toasted'. Then I use more of the colour 'Toasted' to the centre of my lid and then I grab the pearly white shade, 'Sin' on my finger and press that into my lid until it reaches 'Toasted'. 

I finally run 'Hustle' under my lashline and apply mascara to my lashes. My mascara of choice right now is Thick and Fast by Soap and Glory. (can we pretend my lashes don't look so bad please?). 

I wear this eye look a lot, especially when I'm in a bit of a rush as it's so fast and easy to do!

Thank you all for reading! Hope you're having a great day♡ Ashleigh♡xoxo 


  1. Such a beautiful eye makeup look for you lovely, really suits you. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |


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