What I got for my birthday♡

Hello! Seeing as it was my birthday a week ago, I thought I should do a post on what I got for my birthday. This post is in no way a way for me to brag at all, I simply love these posts and I thought I should do a post on it too!

My friend Ellie got me a bottle of wine and the cutest card with some money in it. I thought this was super sweet of her as she knows well enough how much I love wine!
From Megan, I got 'Anna and the French Kiss' by Stephanie Perkins. Megan knows how much I love to read and this is a book she always tells me about so her getting me it was a really kind gesture.

My friend Katy got me Flake Away! from Soap and Glory, along with a Birthday Washes set which includes Clean on Me and The Righteous Butter. She also got me two beautiful bath bombs. I'm so excited to use all of these!!

I honestly have no clue why this decided to go portrait instead of landscape, but I got this New Look giftcard from my friend Chloe. I think everyone I know knows how much I love New Look and so I thought this was lovely. 

I decided to show you all my cards from various other family members who included money in their card. I absolutely love keeping cards and have done so all my life. 

My friend Rachel got me all of this - along with a jumper which is now in the wash :/ so I wasn't able to photograph it. She got me Sparkle perfume from Next, gold-plated loveheart earrings (which I am in love with), oil balancing cleansing wipes and a coaster and keyring from Crete. The coaster gives me major Under The Sea vibes and I am living for it!

I got this H&M giftcard from my uncle and auntie, which is so nice of them as I love H&M too!

My dad got me so many euros and a beautiful lipgloss. This doesn't have a colour name but it is the most beautiful pink shade.

I got this absolutely beautiful pendant from my gran and grandpa along with euros and Paris bedding!

These are all my presents from my three sisters. 

I got this lovely hanging decoration from my sister. This is the cutest thing I've seen and I love it so so much! Can you spot the Ariel card? 

My little sister got me this t-shirt which has a donut on it - I love it! It's so nice on. My other sister got me this lucky charm necklace in reference to my love of Lucky Charms. 

Along with my euros for my holiday, I got this stunning rose gold bracelet from my mum and stepdad.

I am so beyond thankful for everything I got, I really got spoiled and had the best day! Thank you for reading! Asheigh♡xoxo


  1. Happy birthday btw, you were extremely lucky, all the gifts are amazing! x

  2. Happy late birthday! Your friend Megan has great taste in books btw! I loved Anna and the French Kiss and hope you love it too!

    1. I'm excited to read it! And thank you :) xoxo


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