Hi guys! We went to Venice the day after going to Verona and it is so beautiful! I was amazed by everything I seen in Italy and Venice was no exception.

My mum loves Venice, so growing up I had heard/seen loads about it, so I was expecting to arrive there feeling like I'd already been. She told me I'd love Venice more than I love Paris (which as you can tell by my Twitter handle, I love anything French), and even though I can't say I love it more, it's definitely up there in my places to visit again when I have more time - it's so stunning and so picturesque! 

We got the train into Venice quite early in the morning, we were in Venice for about 10am, and it was packed.

The view leaving the train station.
I took so many pictures of little streets and alleys as everything is just perfect. It's so pretty and I think I must have said "This is beautiful" or words to that effect at least 500 times that day!!

The view from the Rialto Bridge. 

St. Marks Cathedral

We went inside St. Marks and it is so lavish! The architecture is so impressive and the level of detailing is insane. 

The view from the tower next to St. Marks - known as St. Marks Campanile
After we had seen the big sights, we had a look around churches and just Venice in general. I'm not going to attach all my pictures as I took over 500 in Venice, so I've just attached pictures that I really, really like. 

I only spent a day in Venice, however next time I go to Italy I'm definitely going to spend a bit longer in Venice. I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my holiday pictures!

Thank you so much for reading, Ashleigh♡xoxo 


  1. This looks so beautiul! Xo


    1. It's absolutely stunning - I want to travel all of Italy as the places I visited were all gorgeous xx

  2. I'm so jealous! I've never been there and it's on my bucket list! Your photos are beautiful 😀

    1. It's definitely a bucket list thing! Only caveat is how much walking there is but that's worth it for the pictures! xxx

  3. Great, now I need to go to Venice! Looks beautiful 😍


    1. It's stunning, I definitely recommend it! xx

  4. This looks beautiful, I’m so jealous


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