I spent longer than a day in Milan, but as with my Venice post I have far too much to put into one post so I decided to compress it all into one post. 

I visited a lot of churches, but I know that's not everyone's cup of tea so I won't be posting pictures. We went to the Dome, which is so gorgeous I at least need to show pictures of it and of the view! We also wen to the Santa Maria del Carmine, the Basilica di Sant'Ambrogo and another church which I can't remember the name of! The churches were all stunning, churches aren't really my cup of tea but oh my goodness they are beautiful!!

This is the view from the top of the Dome and it is heart eyes!

This was my dinner on my last night in Milan at a pizzeria.

Walking down the stairs in Sephora!!!! 

The outside of San Siro.

Me and Francesca in the park at Sforza Castle

Me and Francesca eating our lunch! They were like fried pizzas. 

On my first night with my Italian pizza!
The Dome!!!

Castle Sforza

These are just some of my photos from Milan, it is such a beautiful city and I loved it!!

Thank you for reading,