Hi guys!! I done my last 'Holy grails and fails' post way back in April which was a post which done well, if I remember rightly and I remember thinking to myself "I'm going to start a series on this!" and it's took me until now to remember!!

This time around, I'm going to do my holy grails and fails on lipstick! Now, to be fair, I don't have many lipsticks that just don't agree with me. I tend to do my research on any lipstick or gloss I like and I won't part with my money unless I've heard good things about it!! However, the fail lipstick is one that was very popular (still is, mind you) but dries my lips out! 

My holy grail lip colour (that should give you a hint) is my Sleek Matte Me lip cream in the colour 'Birthday Suit'. I am in love with this shade - my favourite lip colours are reds and nudes and I feel this colour is a "your lips but better" colour and I honestly love it! The only real quibble I have with this is that you have to use a lipliner and it dries really fast, but if you can deal with that then these are definitely the lip creams for you! This can be quite drying for me as the day goes on so I apply a bit of clear Vaseline to my lips halfway through the day. The other great thing about this cream is that it doesn't settle into your fine lines and it is so long-lasting. I'd say this gets me through the whole day with only applying twice.

The lip colour which I think is a fail (but many people love so this isn't the be-all and end-all) is my NYX Lip Lingerie in the colour 'Satin Ribbon'. I am so dissappointed as this colour is the prettiest colour I have seen - but just didn't work well with me at all. It really accentuated my fine lines - even after using a lip scrub - and cracked so badly. From the moment of application it felt drying and I just wasn't a fan of it. I know that the soft matte lip creams work well for some people who prefer them over the lip lingeries and vice versa - and I am definetly a person who loves the soft matte lip creams! Unfortunately for me, this formula just doesn't agree with me and I'd love if NYX ever made the lip lingeries with the lip cream formulas as they are just the nicest shades ever.

The top swatch is 'Birthday Suit' and 'Satin Ribbon' is under that. As you can see, the Lip Lingeries are also very watery - something else I hate about the formula. 

Thank you for reading! What lip products do you love/hate? Be sure to let me know.



  1. I'm nervous to try liquid lipsticks just for the drying aspect! I can't think of anything worse that being out and your lips end up like sand paper! xx


    1. It's rubbish but I think it's just trial and error! When you find the one it's amazing though! Xx

  2. I absolutely love sleek matte me liquid lipsticks!! So I'm completely with you there! I haven't tried nyx (as of yet) but I was wanting to, so I hope it's not drying for me :( xx

    1. Ah don't let me put you off! I just find the NYX lip lingeries drying but a lot of other people don't xx


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