How to...wear metallic lipstick♡

Metallic lips is a trend I never thought I would embrace, but it is. After seeing Sleek brought out three metallic Matte Me's, I decided I'd pick one up and see what the fuss is about! The Matte Me's are all available here

The shade I got was "Rusted Rose" and is a beautiful red with silver and purple undertones, making it look metallic. To pick up the full pigmentation and metallic-ness, you need a good few coats of this stuff. However, you could easily use it after one coat for a more subtle look. 

This is it after three coats and me not using a liner. It looks a lot more subtle on camera, however IRL it looks extremely metallic, especially when on the centre of my lips. 

Overall, I'm not fussed on this lip colour/trend. I think it looks really cool for a festival but I can't see me wearing it to the shops. The shade itself is't very pigmented and is quite watery, overall I'd give this formula a two out of five! 

Is metallic lips a trend you'd get on board with? Ashleigh♡xoxo 


  1. I love a good metallic lip! Especially for fall or winter looks!

  2. I'm not into this metallic trend either. Thanks for the pigmentation review. You have a lovely blog.


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