Hi guys! While I was in Italy I picked up the Sephora Cinescope Mascara, and my feelings are mixed about this. 

You can get this mascara here, the only link I could find was for Sephora Australia but you can get it in any Sephora store. I paid 15 euros 90 for mine and it is described online as "Unveiling Cinescope Mascara! Shall we discuss what the TV advert will look like? Close-up on the volume effect, panoramic tracking shot on the eyes from right to left, and lashes that unfurl like never before. You have to admit we’ve pulled out all the stops. A new, magic brush that catches every lash, separating them one by one and coating them with a new formula. The result: A panoramic effect that multiplies the lashes and reveals a wonderful fringe of eyelashes spread out like a fan. Try it!" and my problem with this mascara is that my lashes look as long with any other mascara so I don't find it extraordinary. 

This is my lashes without mascara. I've not curled them or done anything to them, so the result doesn't come out differently. As you can see, my lashes are painfully annoying and naturally gravitate to the sides of my eyes. 

My lashes after one coat of mascara, not curled. I would say my lashes look this long with any other mascara. 

After two coats is where I noticed a lot of length. However, again I feel like I'd see this with any other mascara. 

All in all, I would repurchase this mascara as a decent everyday mascara but I wouldn't recommend this if you want really long lashes. I think this is good value for money, as it works out at around £14, which is roughly what I'd spend on a mascara. The brush also coats all of my lashes which is something that rarely happens for me and as a result I am so happy with that. 

Have you ever tried any Sephora Collection products? Let me know!