Hello guys and happy Friday! 

On Wednesday I finally caved and bought myself the Soap & Glory De-clogging face mask and I thought I'd do a review on it. 

On the Soap and Glory website, they describe this mask as "Just like you, this peel-off mask is totally hard pore. Liquid gel transforms into the lift-off paper strip to smooth, purify and remove all gunk and junk (including blackheads, ew) in one go – it’s so a-peeling! Our multi-tasking mask is power-packed with 10 amazing ingredients including:
Kaolin and Bentonite Fine Clay Powders to help absorb excess oil
White Willow Bark to help oil skin
Vitamin C to boost tired complexions
Scented with exotic tropical fruit" and you can read more here.
First off, packaging. I'd give this a solid five out of five. I love all of Soap and Glory's packaging so much, and I think they've hit the nail on the head with this packaging! It's pretty and showcases what the product does on the front, plus it shows you where the mask is contained (in those two little black pods!) The only thing that I felt was unclear was that there are two masks inside, as I thought the two pods were ingredients to mix your own mask. 

The actual mask is a really runny consistency, which is pretty difficult to apply. I actually gave up using the spatula and instead used my hands. It's a bright pink colour, which is so fun and girly. I've never seen a pink face mask before and using it was so fun! It also smells terrible, my eyes couldn't stop watering while using this but I persevered for the blog! 

The instructions tell you to keep this on for 20-25 minutes, which I done and OH MY LORD my skin you guys. My skin is super soft!!! And the stubborn blackheads on my nose have gone!! This mask is a genuine lifesaver and I highly recommend it. 

Thank you for reading, Ashleigh♡xoxo