Hi guys! I feel like I wouldn't be a girl who loves makeup and spends all of her time on social media if there wasn't a few beauty products that I bought solely because of the buzz on social media. Some of these products I really regret and some have reached holy grail status (that is a hint!) 

The first beauty product I have bought because of buzz on social media is "Velvet Teddy" from MAC. Velvet Teddy is a beautiful matte brown beige shade, which is creamy on the lips and not at all drying. It is not very long lasting and I feel that t has to be reapplied every few hours, which doesn't bother me personally. I originally bought this because it is a gorgeous nude shade, unlike any I have seen before, and it was all over my Instagram as "the lipstick worn by Kylie Jenner". However, there are many affordable dupes out there of higher-end lipsticks and you can find these by googling "dupes for Velvet Teddy". You can get this lipstick on the MAC website

Another beauty product I got as a result of social media hype is my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and I have a really unpopular opinion of this mascara! I just did not get on well at all with this mascara and I found it really thick and clumpy. It went clumpy in the tube after about a month, and I found it so hard to apply. I also didn't find that it made my eyelashes a lot longer, and I feel that was underwhelming. 

The last product I am going to talk about it that I bought is my Violet Voss Holy Grail palette and I am in love with it! I done my first two posts on it - so if you want to read more about this palette then click here and here. I love love love how pigmented and pretty this palette is and I would highly recommend it! 

Thank you for reading!! Do you have any products that social media made you buy? Ashleigh♡xoxo


  1. I also buy stuff solely because of social media and because I'm too much of a curious person. I seriously need to stop though! Will definitely be reading on about the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette <3


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