Things I love about Autumn♡

Since Autumn officially starts today, at 21:02 to be exact, I thought I should do a post on what I love about Autumn! I love Spring, Summer and Winter so much, but there's something about Autumn I love!! 

1. The crunchy leaves and how beautiful they look on the ground! 

I love how vibrant the colours are and how pretty they look! I live for seeing Autumn leaves!

2. Costa hot chocolate *heart eyes*. I hate coffee with a passion and I am not a massive fan of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte that everyone else is obsessed with. 

3. Pumpkin pie! I have a family member who is American, and we do Thanksgiving the American way, and I love pumpkin pie!! 

4. Autumn makeup looks! Like everyone, I love doing my makeup in summer. I love the "out-there" eyeshadow looks, I love the glossy lips and tanned skin but I love how in Autumn, you can do a bold red lip and simple eyeliner, and it just looks really classy. 

5. Warm clothes! We never had much of a summer, but I am so done with trying to dress for clammy weather while also preparing for torrential rain! I love wearing fluffy jumpers, skirts and tights. 

6. Halloween! This goes without saying. Also, it's completely acceptable to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, as it's a Halloween and Christmas film. 

7. Bake Off is back! It may not be the BBC version, but it's still good, with the same format. Watching Bake Off makes me so excited for Autumn and Winter. 

8. Collecting conkers! When I was younger my mum took me to a park and I found as many conkers as I could. I can't really remember anything else about this day but I loved collecting conkers, and I done it until I was 10, and now my sisters follow suit!

9. Cosying up by the fire! One of my favourite memories is staying at my grans house and putting on my cosiest pyjamas after a bath, and sitting by the fire watching Aladdin. Now, it's usually that I read by the fire in my cosy pyjamas after a bath!

10. I go for baths much more. I hate baths, especially in the summer as I'm usually hot and clammy already, and there's nothing worse to me than going for a warm bath after already being too warm. However, once it gets colder, I am all up for going into warm baths with a nice Lush bath bomb! 

How are you enjoying Autumn? Ashleigh♡xoxo