How to save money♡

With Christmas around the corner (read: in two months) I thought I should do a post on saving money! 

If you're anything like me, you'll be buying Christmas presents already. I try to buy one present a week, or a few every two weeks, to ensure I stay on top of things. This means that you stay on top of things, but also when December comes around and everyone else is skint, you're not!

I also set a budget when buying Christmas presents - I spend £20 per person and sometimes more depending on who it is, so spreading it out over a few months is super helpful! 

A small but super easy thing I have started doing is taking water and food out with me when I go out. This means I don't spend money on food that I don't need to spend. 

I also try and walk as many places as I can - this means leaving the house a bit earlier but I love walking! Nothing is better than a nice walk with some music on or a good podcast!

These are just some of the tips I follow to save money! Hope some of them were helpful.