Lazy girl beauty hacks♡

Hi guys! I am a self-confessed lazy girl, but I love to do whatever I can do to make sure I always look great. I'd much rather have an extra half an hours sleep than wake up half an hour early to get ready and in my ideal world, I would get more sleep and leave the house looking fantastic! 


I try not to use too much heat on my hair, instead I will leave it in it's natural state and pop a few kirbys into it before leaving. However, sometimes you want to look a bit more polished. If I have a presentation to do, I want to make my naturally frizzy hair look as sleek as it can look and I would suggest in investing in a good-but-pricey pair of straighteners as this means for me that my hair will be straight for at least three days, plus it cuts down on the time you spend straightening it!

Most days I braid my hair in the morning, I find that this creates effortless waves for me in the morning - and the best part about this is that you literally need to pop in a few pins, use a bit of hairspray to set and tame your style, and that's you done!

Apply dry shampoo before you go to sleep. I use this dry shampoo as it doesn't leave an annoying white cast, comb it through my roots and sleep on it! 

These are the hair hacks that I use, and you can read more and look on YouTube for hair tutorials!

B E A U T Y 

Spray perfume at your kneecap, wrist, neck and elbows to ensure they stay all day and you will always smell lovely. This means you don't have to carry perfume about with you all day. 

Use a spoolie to blend out eyebrow pencil. Your eyebrows frame your face so make sure your pencil is blended and your brows aren't too boxy. 

Always curl and separate your lashes. To curl, use any regular curler and then separate using a spoolie before applying mascara. 

Foundation before concealer is always the way to go. I tend not to use concealer too much, but when I do it is always after I've applied foundation so not to ruin my base. 

The most important hack is to never scrimp on your skincare routine. No matter how much time you don't have, I would always prefer a cleansed, makeup free face than a face which hasn't been cleansed but is full of makeup. Here is a fantastic "cheat sheet" on the best moisturiser ever. With the colder weather coming in, it is super important to keep your skin hydrated.

Wiggle your mascara wand to get thick, voluminous lashes. 

Here is an extremely comprehensive list of hacks - some of which I have included. You can also YouTube beauty hacks for any more tips tricks.

Thank you for reading! Ashleigh♡xoxo


  1. I'm with you on the having extra sleep rather than extra time to get ready! I can get ready pretty quickly now so I think I've mastered it haha. I'll definitely have to try out the dry shampoo trick x

    1. It's so helpful! It really disperses the product it's great xx

  2. I use dry shampoo at night too! Some awesome tips here thanks for sharing :) xx

  3. I definitely guilty of always having to keep reminding myself to blend the brows with a spoolie. It's definitely an awesome hack, especially to make the brows look more natural too <3 Awesome suggestions in this post

    1. It really is!! I forget all the time but it's so helpful!! xx


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