Interview with a blogger...It's Me Colin♡

Hi guys! Today I am interviewing Colin, who is a new mental-health blogger. I had never came across mental health blogs until I seen his, and his blogs are so raw and passionate. I highly recommend checking him out!

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1. Tell me and my readers a bit about your blog and what makes you different?
Tbh my blog is new and very basic. I write what I feel in the moment and only recheck for spelling mistakes (though some slip through). I want to try to keep my posts as raw as I can, in an attempt to capture any real emotion at the time of writing. 2. How did you first get into blogging? I had actually set up a Twitter account to speak about my anxiety as I struggled to open up to people face to face. I then came across some amazing people, who all were mental health bloggers. They explained that it was a great release to them, and they found that their experiences sometimes helped others out. 3. What do you do outside of blogging? Mainly spending time with my kids when I am not working. I used to manage and play in a football team, I would love to get back to that. I am also looking to try and set up a local Social Group for those who suffer with mental health. 4. What bloggers inspire you? I come across new bloggers almost daily now, and I genuinely take inspiration from everyone. They are investing a part of themselves into a post, and from someone who can be quite closed off at times, that inspires me to put my thoughts and feelings out there. 5. How do you motivate yourself to blog? That's something I am finding hard just now, though I think that is mainly because I am new to it all, and spend more time reading others than planning my next post. 6. What is your greatest achievement in regards to blogging? I think getting feedback from people, especially from my couple of mental health posts, that they can relate to the posts. I think it's a comforter on both ends with that sort of thing.

It was lovely interviewing Colin, and make sure to join me next Wednesday as I interview another blogger!