Interview with a blogger...Sophie Alice Talks♡

Hi guys! I have decided to do an Interview with a blogger series every Wednesday, and I hope you'll be able to join me! This is so fun and I hope you enjoy reading the answers! Today I am interviewing the lovely Sophie Alice, from Sophie Alice Talks.

1. My blog is an online embodiment of me, and that is what makes it different. I write about topics that matter to me, such as: sexuality, society, mental health, and university. I try not to limit myself with my blog, I write 'favourites' posts at the end of every season, and I write posts that are specific to my life experiences e.g. a post about why I decided to stay in the UK when my mum and sister moved abroad. In short, I'm just a woman in my 20s trying to navigate life and the world around me, and I think a lot of people can relate to that.

2. Normally I would say that I've been blogging for years, and that I started out because I wanted to write down my thoughts and hoped to help someone else. As much as that is true, this week I realised why I first started blogging whilst watching one of my childhood favourite films. The main character had a blog, and the whole film narration was her blog posts. I was inspired to healthily vent my feelings. If you're interested, the film is The Perfect Man starring Hilary Duff.

3. Offline, I am a Criminology student in Wales. I'm part of the committee for a Rock/Metal/Alternative music society in my university town. I go to a pub quiz with my friends every Monday night, I read books, and I'm usually falling in love with a new tv programme. I'm not particularly artistic, in the sense that I can't draw, but I'm not too bad at character face painting on myself (for example, I painted on tattoos last year and made a convincing El Diablo – Suicide Squad – costume for Halloween '16 – this year I'm doing Ryuk from Death Note).

4. I am inspired by bloggers who are themselves. Anyone can spot the difference between a blogger who wants to be the next Zoella, and the blogger who wants to be the first [insert their name here]. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't draw to bloggers who share similar interests to myself – though it isn't limited to this. One blogger I adore is Maria from LifewithMaria, she is incredible, and shares my unwavering love for Halloween!

5. Naturally, I'm a night owl. I often stay up until 3, sometimes 4am, and I spend that time writing (since I'm awake anyway!). I try to stay ahead of my blogging schedule (new posts every Sunday) by having at least two posts ready to go at any given time. I've tried to get into this habit over summer, before the academic year begins, so I just hope I'll be able to keep going with that.

6. Blogging has increased my confidence greatly. I'm not afraid to reach out to companies anymore, and I love creating partnerships with brands. So far, my blogging highlight is being part of the #TalkingPeriods campaign by Time Of The Month. I had to stretch out of my comfort zone by making two vlog-style videos talking about various period-related topics. I don't like my accent, and have often worried that I won't be taken seriously in any professional environment because I'm not "London British" (I'm a proud Northerner, don't get me wrong). So, for a brand to want to work with me, honestly gives me a lot of hope for my future career paths.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see you all next Wednesday for another blogger interview!


  1. Loved your interview post. Can't wait for your next one <3


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