My favourite Birchbox items...♡

Hi guys! I cannot for the life of me remember when the last time I done a full review of the items that came in my Birchbox, so today I'm going to discuss my favorite Birchbox items! 

I love my Birchbox, it cuts down on the amount of makeup I buy, and I usually forget about it so it's like a little treat at the first few days of the month.

I've limited my favourites to six products, and my first favourite is this sugar spray from Number 4. I love this for giving my hair a little oomph and body. Now that my hair is shorter I find myself reaching for this a lot.

Another product I love and use everyday is this ModelCo contour stick. I have never found a contour stick that looks good with my skin tone, or one that smells so good! This smells like Vanilla and I love it.

I received holy grail brushes in my Birchbox! The Spectrum eye contour brush (which you can get here) and the Spectrum contour brush (which I can't find anywhere), but they're both so fluffy and I love them!! Spectrum brushes are great quality and I love them so much! 

This Manna Kadar Fantasy highlighter is the most beautiful thing I've seen! It can be used as a highlighter, bronzer and an eyeshadow, and while I wouldn't personally use it as a bronzer, it's so lovely to find a product that can be used for three things! This applies beautifully (I've only ever used it as a highlighter), but is super pigmented and looks amazing on the skin!! This is more of a subtle highlight, which I prefer when I can't be bothered with makeup!

Finally, I love this deep conditioner, which is an absolute lifesaver and does wonders for your hair! 

Thanks for reading!