Products I always repurchase...♡

Hi guys! There aren't many products that I always repurchase, so the ones that I do have to be holy-grail products! I would much rather try a few different products than always get one, because there might be a better one out there. So here are five products that I always repurchase, and have a place on my list of desert-island products! 

1. I always repurchase Soap and Glory products! I feel that Soap and Glory products are gifts that are given by every family member I have as Christmas presents, and I can't complain! I love Soap and Glory products, my personal favourites are Hand Food and The Righteous Butter. I am also partial to The Scrub of Your Life, and a recent fave is the face masks, one of which I done a review of. 

2. Garnier micellar water is another product which has gained holy grail status. I have the massive 700ml bottle of it so I've not had to repurchase it just yet, but when it runs out and I need a micellar water, it'll be this one!

3. The Maybelline Fit Me! foundation is such a lightweight foundation and I absolutely love it. It's so light, not heavy and gives medium coverage, which is perfect for me! I am so bad at finding foundation shades for me, I usually just go for the lightest shade available, but the shades in this foundation are great! I have the shade 115 and 100, which I mix together. I think 115 is my shade when I've been tanned, and 100 is my winter/spring shade. 

4. MAC lipsticks genuinely have the best formulas I've ever tried. I don't exclusively use MAC lipsticks, but they have really creamy formulas which I'm in love with! I also love Maybelline lipsticks as they also have similar formulas, creamy and moisturising!

And finally, 5. The MUA Undress Your Skin highlighters are the most shiny (I can't describe highlighters for the life of me!) and make your skin look glowy and generally beautiful. 

These are the five products that I love and always repurchase! Thanks for reading,