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Hey chicks! So today I’m doing a post about something that I’ve wanted to do forever! I done a poll on what conspiracy theory posts you guys want to see and I feel like the responses were all so close and thus I have decided to do all three!! I love writing about them and I love researching them, they’re super interesting and I just love them!!

I’m doing a post on who killed JFK today. This is a super controversial subject, there is so much debate about who it was, whether it was Oswald alone, or another group and why they done it. Adding to this, 6 out of 10 Americans think it was a conspiracy according to a Gallup poll. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a subject we are ever going to get full closure on, but it’s so interesting and I love it!

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In order to understand this subject more, I highly, highly recommend watching or reading 11.22.63. This is a book by Stephen King which has also been made into a TV show which you can stream on Hulu as a Hulu Original. I’ve not heard about it being put on Netflix, however hopefully it does get put on! There is also a website I found that details a timeline of Oswald’s life, it is extremely detailed and there is so much information about his life which is available here

To give you a little background, Lee Harvey Oswald (the man who assassinated JFK) joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1955 and then he enlisted in the US Marine Corps a year later. Three months after enlisting, he scored 212 on a marksmanship test which gave him an overall score of sharpshooter. I don’t know much about the marines but from my research a sharpshooter is a pretty average score to get, it’s the middle score so it’s really average, he could have done better. From 1957-1962 he was overseas a lot, and then was deployed back to America. Another point to mention is that during his time in the marines, he consistently scored a performance of “average”. The points about his scores in the marines tell you a lot about the theory that he didn’t kill JFK, as he ordered and used a 5×52mm Carcano Model 91/38 infantry rifle to shoot. Experts from the Warren Commission (set up as a result of JFK’s assassination) say that it would be impossible for him to shoot from the distance he was at with this gun, and it would also be impossible for him to shoot JFK in 6.2 seconds. It would also be impossible for someone who's not an expert shooter to shoot him exactly where he wanted to. 

What’s really interesting is that in this time he was overseas, Oswald got very involved with left-wing politics, and tried to kill General Walker (a prominent right-wing politician) in 1963. The fact that he was interested in left-wing politics tells me that he couldn’t have shot JFK, as he was a Democrat. Adding to this, he had very progressive left-wing views. So, why would Oswald assassinate a man who had the same views as him?

JFK was very outspoken about his hatred of the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service. In fact, in a speech at the Waldorf in 1961 he condemns secrecy, which you can watch here. Furthermore, he was against the invasion of Vietnam and he wanted to decrease the number of troops deployed in Vietnam over three years. He was also against the invasion of Cuba.

In terms of the actual assassination, Kennedy wasn’t fully protected. If you watch footage from the assassination, JFK was in the “sitting duck” position, making him an easy target. Watching the video (which I won’t link to as I don’t like watching it) we can see that Kennedy’s head jerks backwards, not forward. However, JFK was said to be shot from the back, so surely his head should jerk forward? Furthermore, the car JFK was in was a Ford Lincoln which was refurbished before forensics could look at it. This fact just screams cover-up to me. Why was this done? Surely there would have been evidence in that car that could have been used to determine something about the assassination of JFK? 

Another massively important fact to note is the doctors who operated on Kennedy confirmed the bullet came from in front of JFK, and not behind him. There was also no blood or brains on the bullet itself, but there was brains and blood on the police cars behind him. Two theories exist about this fact; the single bullet theory and the theory that there were multiple shooters.

Once his body was taken to the hospital, it was removed illegally, before there was a chance to perform an autopsy. It was removed by the CIA, which is pretty fishy to me. Why did they tamper with the evidence?

Once Oswald was arrested, he was sent to the county jail in Dallas where he was questioned for twelve hours without an attorney even though he requested one and all evidence that the questioning ever took place was destroyed. This is not only unconstitutional, but also raises many questions. Why was there no recording made? Why did they want to destroy the evidence? Why was no attorney present? Furthermore, before he was brought to the jail, he kept repeating “I’m just a patsy”, and voice analysis has since indicated he was telling the truth.

A final interesting point is that the head of the Warren Commission was a former CIA director who was fired by JFK. Maybe he was in there to cover it up?

Overall, I think that it was a conspiracy. War is an excellent way for economies to grow and prosper, so leaving the Vietnam war would be a stupid decision in terms of the economy. His distrust of the CIA and the FBI would also be enough for them to go as far to have one of the most-loved American presidents murdered for their own gain. I think Oswald was “just a patsy”, he was hired by the CIA (remember, he was in the marines so it’d be easy enough for them to find him), and bribed him to kill JFK.

That’s all from me! There is so much I wasn’t able to talk about, however if you’re interested in this then I suggest you do your own research! Be sure to let me know in the comments what you think happened to JFK and what you think of these posts!!  


  1. Omg, I always find these things so interesting! You worded it so bloody well too!


  2. Girl this post has me doubting everything I know about life right now haha I want to see more!

  3. So interesting, I love looking at conspiracy theories, although it terrifies me that people have that much power they can cover up things like this! xx

  4. Great post Ashleigh ☺ Genuinely LOVE a conspiracy theory.

    JFK has popped up on a few other things I've watched/read, including it being linked to Aliens lol. Such a fascinating topic, for something that is so horrific.

    Have you watched Nova: Cold Case JFK on Netflix?

    1. Ah thank you for commenting! No I haven't seen it, but I need to watch it! I've been watching a lot of true crime documentaries on Netfliix recently! xx

    2. It's really good, they have guys on who have been trying to reconstruct the shots over a couple of year period. Pretty cool. What docs you been watching? I need a few ones to watch x


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