An introduction to Blogmas♡

Hey guys! If you can't tell by the picture, I'm doing Blogmas this year! (Side note: I am still doing my blogger interviews on Wednesday, so if you have one scheduled, it'll still get done!)

I am a fairly new blogger, and this is my first Christmas blogging. I have been seeing loads of tweets and Instagram posts about Blogmas, and it inspired me to start it. Basically, it's where you post every single day throughout the Christmas period (from the 1st to the 25th December), and I am looking forward to it! Blogging is something I love to do and as my last exam is on the 5th December, I'll be able to spend more time than usual doing something I love. 

I just wanted to write an introductory post to Blogmas and tell you all what I'm doing with my blog. I hope you all had a great week and I hope to see you all tomorrow for another post.


  1. Yay girl I’m so excited to see your Blogmas posts!

  2. I can’t wait to read all your posts! It’s my second year of doing Blogmas, and I’m so stressed about it because this year I’m working full time instead of last year when I was at uni with exams and study leave... so fingers crossed it goes well for us both!

    1. I can't wait to read all of your posts either!! I'm sure it will go well xx


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