Atlantis conspiracy!♡

Hey chicks!! This post isn't exactly festive, but it is magical and in that sense it was perfect for this time of year! 

Ages ago, I done a poll on Twitter about what conspiracy theory posts you guys want to see, and over 20% who voted said they wanted to see a theory about Atlantis. Something I've always been so interested in is Atlantis, and whether or not this place actually exists. I thought I'd do a post talking about what I know about Atlantis, and hopefully offer a bit of insight into this!!

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The "story" of Atlantis was written by Plato in his works, Timeaus and Critias, and tells the story of an island which was bigger than Ancient Libya and Asia Minor combined. (I'll attach the link here so you can go over more about Atlantis in your own time - I'm only going to go over the basics). Plato describes the island as being an island which was comparable to today's technology - the major difference being that our technology is a lot more based on gadgets than Atlantis's - where their technology was based on crystals and the earth's energy etc. The story of Atlantis follows that the city was doing well, everyone was nice to each other and then the Atlantean's got greedy. They realised they had a lot more power than other countries and wanted to rule the world, then unfortunately were quickly wiped out by a tsunami which was caused by Poseidon (the Greek god of the sea). Plato says that Atlantis was in the Mediterranean Ocean. 

This is super interesting, but at this point this sounds more like an allegory or a legend than any solid fact. In fact, it has been claimed that Plato's story about Atlantis was just a way to show kids they shouldn't be greedy and they should always aim to please the gods. It has also been regarded as some historians as a big lesson on morality. The story has also been claimed to be a retelling of the Indian continent of Lemuria and the Black Sea flood. 

However, there was a documentary on the History channel that showed satellite photos of a national park in Southern Spain that showed circles and rectangles that matched exactly with Plato's description of Atlantis. Furthermore, there is a site a few miles away from where the satellite photos were found that looks like a mini replica to Atlantis, which suggests that there were a few survivors of the tsunami who wanted to try and remember the city. 

Also, in 2015, 15 marine archaeologists discovered a wreck off the coast of Sicily, where the found 39 ingots of red metal which Plato claimed the Atlantean's mined. This red metal is claimed to be Orid Calcium, and is said to be an alloy of copper, zinc, lead, iron and nickel. Plato described the red metal to be indigenous to Atlantis, and the "wealth" for the people that inhabited the island.

Also, it has been said that the city of Atlantis was somewhere in the Mediterranean, as mentioned before, but the island of Santorini, the Canary and Balearic islands and Sicily are always mentioned by people who believe. These islands are so beautiful and it makes sense to me that people would say they are Atlantis. Atlantis has been claimed to be all over the world. It has been said to be any island with a warm climate, and another theory is the all of Asia and Australasia were combined, making one huge Asian continent. This could definitely explain the size of Atlantis and the tropical climate. Asia and Australasia were one continent before the Ice Age, and the discovery of Zealandia is a bit of proof that continents can change and be rediscovered. 

Furthermore, a volcano erupted on the island of Thera (known in English as Santorini), and this killed the Minoans, who are part of an ancient civilization in Crete. The eruption lead to a tsunami, which was said to be caused by greed and Poseidon's wrath. However, this could just be inspiration for Plato. On the other hand, there is evidence that the Minoans did exist and this is how their civilization ended, so there is a huge possibility that this also happened to Atlantis. 

Atlantis was also claimed to be in the Americas, and as it sunk, some people escaped to become part of the Mayan civilisation. Personally, this is the theory that sounds the least credible to me, but this was popularised in the 19th Century, and this theory gains some credibility by looking at the Bermuda triangle. In 2001 (almost two centuries after the original claim!) marine engineers claimed to have found a city which was 650 metres underwater, which was in the Bermuda triangle off the coast of Cuba. These engineers claimed there were four pyramids and a sphinx in this city, which they believed were ruins of Atlantis. Furthermore, the use of crystal energy by the Atlanteans could be what attracts the planes and boats to go missing. If we look at accounts from those who have survived accidents in the Bermuda triangle, we can see a commonality between them all that there was almost an "electric fog" and all their electronic equipment stopped working. However, I disagree with this theory. If you look at pictures, these pyramids look like Mayan pyramids, in that they have the same shape and the lines are similar, whereas I would assume that Atlantis's pyramids would look more like Egyptian pyramids due to the relationship between the Greeks and the Egyptians. In my head, that claim as been debunked as Mayan ruins, which would also explain their location.

There is no solid proof about Atlantis, and until we find evidence we can never say if it existed for definite, but it's really interesting and definitely appeals to many people. There is more evidence here that I haven't touched on, and this video reminded me about Atlantis! 

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