Christmas wish list♡

Hi guys! As Christmas is literally around the corner, (literally 10 days away!!!) I thought I'd do my Christmas wish list. 

I love this crushed velvet pink dress! I was going to buy it for myself, but they didn't have my size in stock, but now it is back, I might just have to buy it!

This highlighter palette is something that I've wanted for ages but I've never been able to justify it!! I'm okay with spending £43 on an eyeshadow palette, but I feel like I wouldn't use a highlighter palette as much! However, if someone is reading this that wants to buy me it, then be my guest! 

I'm really feeling this eyeshadow palette, but I don't feel I would wear it enough for me to buy it. Nevertheless, I would wear it if it was bought for me. 

I love these lashes (I just love all of Doll Beauty lashes tbh). I also really like these eyelashes and these lashes. However, I really cannot justify spending £20 on a pair of lashes I will wear 5 times, if you're lucky. Maybe once I'm not living off a student budget I will do! 

I bought the Aloe Herbs and Rosewater Mario Badescu spray not too long ago and I am literally obsessed. I really want to try this one, so I think I will be getting another bottle before my holidays! 

Huda Beauty is a trend I never really got on board with, until seeing one of her palettes in real life, and then I was hooked. I also love her 'Camille' eyelashes, however the one thing I'm desperately pining for is this

There's a little insight into my Christmas list! See you tomorrow morning :)