Conspiracy theories about Santa Claus?!

Today, I'm going to be researching a few conspiracy theories about Santa Claus! They're all pretty dark, so be warned, and some may sound mad, but also have a lot of interesting and relevant points. 

Everyone knows that Coca-Cola popularised Santa. Santa Claus (as we know him today) was based off Saint Nicholas, who was a saint in Turkey. He was the only son of wealthy Christian parents and was very religious from an early age. 

Many legends exist regarding Saint Nicholas, and he seems kind and loving. Now, he is likened to the modern-day Santa Claus, as Saint Nicholas travelled around the world, helping children and families. There have always been variations on Saint Nicholas, especially amongst Eastern Europe, then the celebration of Saint Nicholas was brought to the UK by Price Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, in the 19th Century. It was not a holiday in the US, until a newspaper reported on a Dutch family who were celebrating Christmas, and Coca-Cola decided to profit. From then on, Christmas became a widely celebrated holiday, and Santa Claus became emblematic of Christmas.

The Coca-Cola advert in 1931 depicted Santa wearing red and white to go with the visuals of Coca-Cola. In my opinion, Santa was used as a festive marketing ploy to draw consumers to Coca-Cola. However, there are theories that a real “Santa” was used by Coca-Cola, who fell down a chimney and broke his neck. This is really hard to believe due to the fact that Santa is meant to fly across the whole world in one night, however I did find it quite interesting (albeit a little dark!) to think of Santa Claus as a means to an end.

Furthermore, NOMAD, who track the precise location of Santa, are sponsored by a lot of private companies who profit massively from the commercialisation of Christmas. I think it’s weird how a government agency literally spend Christmas Eve tracking Santa. You can argue that it’s festive and cute for kids who believe in Santa, however I disagree. A Santa tracker would be something designed by someone out there, furthermore, I think it’s a waste of government resources. So why do they track “Santa”? Quite simply, because private companies sponsor them and give them money. Without tracking Santa, they wouldn’t get this money and the companies also wouldn’t profit as much from not peddling the myth of Santa. It is beneficial for both parties.

A popular theory among some Christians is that Santa is really Satan. This theory sound crazy, but actually hits on some good points. Santa is an anagram of Satan, he wears red and has “dark magic” to fly his sleigh. However, this theory gets interesting when we consider that Santa takes away and distracts us from the real meaning of Christmas. Let’s be honest here, do you (if you are not a Christian) think about baby Jesus a whole lot during the festive period?

Santa is claimed to be the work of the Illuminati and devil-worshippers as he distracts from the real meaning of Christmas, and it has also been claimed that the idea of Santa Claus is all just a big conspiracy designed to brainwash us. This idea builds on the fact that it is inherently unhealthy to lie to your children about Santa Claus, and the myth of him. Arguably, this teaches you to be dishonest and greedy, which in turn teaches you to accept capitalism at face value and any lies that you are told. This is extremely interesting, given Donald Trump’s overuse of “fake news”. Is this all a big conspiracy? Are we just believing what the government wants us to believe? 

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