Favourite things about Winter...♡

I love winter (I say that about every season, but there is something I love about winter that makes it my ultimate favourite season!)

It's a time where it is acceptable to be festive. I get super excited for Christmas in October, but it's acceptable to be excited about Christmas in December.

It's the time for giving and making other people happy. I try as hard as I can to be nice and approachable all year, but Christmas is just such a lovely season all about making others as happy as possible. 

Christmas is literally around the corner! I love Christmas, and I love seeing my family and how magical and cosy it feels. 

It's party season! One of my favourite things of all time has to be getting all dolled up, doing my hair and makeup, putting on a pretty dress and putting on a pair of false lashes (arguably the lashes are my favourite aspect of going out). 

What are your favourite things about winter? Leave me a comment and let me know! 


  1. This post made me feel all Christmassy. Christmas is by far one of my favourite holidays... well, my favourite actually xx


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