Bonjour chicks! Today I am going to be blogging about the importance of putting yourself first. This is a topic I've touched on in the past (and spoiler: it's bloody important!) 

I have always been that person who would do anything for anyone. Even people I know don't deserve it. I've had "friends" take advantage of me for this aspect of my personality, and I have come to realise over the past year that they shouldn't, and I need to grow a pair and get on with it. 

Friends should never take advantage of you, but boy, have I met my fair share of people who were more than willing to throw me under the bus for their own personal gain. I have dealt with so much that I wouldn't have had to deal with if I put myself first. 

The first half of 2017 was a rough year in terms of friendship. I had put up with so many things that I know no-one else would have dealt with and I have gone through so much that I shouldn't have had to at the hands of this person. As with all situations, I was not blameless. I will hold my hands up and say there were things I done that I shouldn't have, things I said that were hurtful and I fully admit that I done things wrong. I don't want to ruminate on the past, but I think it's extremely important to discuss the implications of not putting yourself first. 

My main point is how important it is to always put yourself first, whether that be to do with anything from your mental to health to friends making you feel bad. Do a face mask, listen to some music, watch a YouTube video, go in for a bath. The list of things you can do to recharge is endless. (My favourite is watching Outnumbered, while all cosy in my bed with a face mask on!) Doing little things like that makes you feel much better, and reiterates my point about putting yourself first. 

What do you do when you're feeling sad? 

Ashleigh xxx