The dreaded Winter dry skin is arguably the worst thing about Winter. I think I have compiled a list of good products to use to help you battle the dry skin, and hopefully it will be of some help!! I'm also still using my Christmas background, I just took too many pictures using it.

I really cannot stress how important it is to exfoliate. I exfoliate twice a week using my Polaar Arctic Cotton Scrub, which is actually very pricey for a measly 75ml of product, but it is so worth it. A cheaper alternative which I love is this scrub, which is just as good! However, I do love my Polaar one!! 

I get super dry around my brows, so I use Bio-Oil on my whole face twice a week before bed. It's non-comodogenic, so it won't clog your pores up. This leaves my skin feeling great and really helps clear up any dry patches I may have. 

I also use this Soap and Glory face wash. I have done a post all about this (click here if you're interested!) and I cannot sing this face wash's praises highly enough! I use this everyday (minus when I'm exfoliating, in the mornings and at night-time. 

This Soap and Glory moisturiser is another of my favourite products (I swear this isn't sponsored). It's the only moisturiser that I have tried that's super hydrating but does not leave me shiny or oily. I recommend it to anyone with dry or combination skin. 

I have included a No7 oil I use when I am in the shower all over my body - it's equally as important to keep the rest of you in good condition, The oil (which I can't find online but it's called a Luxurious Oil), smells amazing and hydrates my barren legs. 

This  Glamour article is extremely informative and hopefully is helpful! Thanks for reading, guys! 


  1. I have dry skin too so this was the perfect read for me! I actually got a L'Occitane shower oil for Christmas and I can't wait to try it out, never tried a shower oil before!

    I'd really recommend the Origins Drink Up overnight mask if you have dry skin - works wonders!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

  2. Thank you so much lovely!!

    The L'Occitane shower oil is a godsend - I used to have it but I'm a poor student so had to suffice with No7. Thank you for the recommendation xx


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