Something that I feel you can't get away with not doing is public speaking. I hate public speaking, but now I have to do at least one presentation a week in uni (as I am doing marketing, and presentations are an essential part of business), so I would say I'm fairly okay at them!

After presenting, I still get that usual feeling of shakiness and never-wanting-to-do-it-again, (does this ever leave?) but they don't give me the same fear of dread! I thought I'd write a post on how I stopped this and hopefully be of some help! 

In order to calm your nerves, I recommend you take your mind into the present moment. Fear occurs from experiences that have not happened yet and we are worrying about happening in the future. Whenever I do a presentation, I try not to fixate too much on other people, or what other people will think of it as this has not happened yet. 

I also suggest you "fake it until you make it". If you pretend to be confident, in time this will just be how you naturally feel. Also, the feeling of nerves and excitement are more-or-less the same feelings, so if you tell yourself your nerves are excitement, this will eventually translate to your feelings in time. Our interpretation of the world dictates how we live our lives. I am a big proponent of the theory that what you put into the world is what you get, so if you are negative, you will never be truly happy. Why shouldn't this apply for confidence? 

I watched a TED talk in Edinburgh by a woman who studies behaviour, and she spoke about power poses, and how doing this for two minutes a day can actually change the chemistry of your body. This can also make you more confident and assertive, and makes public speaking easier. 

I really hope this helped and I can't wait to see you again tomorrow!