How to take care of dry, damaged hair♡

Hello huns!! 2 SLEEPS TILL CHRISTMAS!! I'm so ready to eat my body weight in pigs in blankets. 

Many of you will be going out tonight (I'm so jealous, I'm working at eight on Sunday :() so you'll want to get party-ready hair! My friend kindly sent me the Tresemme 7 Day Keratin Smooth gift set as part of my Secret Santa present, and I used it last night and can already feel a difference on my hair! 

My hair is super frizzy, and now that it's short I need to straighten it at least once a day. Something which I hate, is time-consuming and damages my already weak hair. So I was over the moon when I sen she had gotten me the Tresemme 7 Day Smooth gift set, as they have products which I have wanted to try for ages

It came with the 7 Day Keratin Smooth shampooconditioner and the treatment. I have the heat protected spray already, and I was super excited to try the rest of the products in the range. 

The first thing I noticed was how good the shampoo and conditioner smelled. I think this is what everyone looks for in a shampoo and conditioner, and this one did not disappoint. The shampoo foamed up really easily without going into my eyes (because I am an overgrown child and this is what I look for in a shampoo). It also washed out really easily. This is a massive factor as I have tried many shampoos which aren't as easy to wash out, and it leaves you with greasy hair if it's hard to wash out! 

The conditioner made my hair instantly feel good. And it also smelled really nice! Win win. 

After washing and towel-drying my hair, I applied the serum to my hair along with the heat protectant. Drying my hair felt faster, and still smells just as good! I will update you at some point next week as to how it performs over the week (my hair gets greasy after three days, so, after then). 

That's all from me! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for my last Blogmas post of the year! 


  1. I can't wait how this products works for you! I'm always looking for new products in order to take care of my hair! Great post xxx

    Melina |

    1. You should definitely have a look into them!! Xx


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