I recently purchased the "Angel Eyes" palette from Primark on a shopping trip, and having being impressed with Primark palettes before, I thought this one would work in my favour. Spoiler: it did not, however please keep reading if you want to see the swatches and the look I created with this!

The palette itself is really cute and full of cool-toned shadows. I'm not a cool-toned gal, as everyone who has ever seen me do my makeup knows I'm more into red and oranges, but this palette only cost me £5! I popped this beauty into my basket and thought "for the blog". 

As you can see, the lid is clear and flips up to reveal 12 super-cool eyeshadows. Lots of blues, icy-whites and a few darker, super shimmery colours. 

The box that the shadows are in seems sturdy enough, which is desirable, especially in a shop where they are likely to be dropped. 

Unfortunately, the swatches for this are abysmal. I'm not 100% sure if it's because warm toned shadows swatch better than cool ones, but my heart was broken and I decided I wasted £5. I can't even let you guys know what swatches are what shadows as it was so hard to see them. 

Nevertheless, I did try to save this palette and I decided to use the blues and the purples to create a nice, wearable eyeshadow look. While it is certainly wearable, all of the colours blended into one and reaffirmed my hatred for cool-toned shadows. 

This was the finished look, and I had to wing it off with my Supercat liner (to liven the look up a bit). I am also wearing my Eylure lashes in "Shoes are my muse" which you can get here (again, to make the look more interesting). I love these lashes and I own two pairs of them. 

Thank you so much for reading and I can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!