Say a little prayer for retail workers...♡

I done a post all the way back in August reviewing working in retail, and at this time of year I think it is even more stressful than usual.

I have a love/hate relationship with retail at this time of year. after a while of customers screaming and shouting at you because you can't get the exact item they're after can be irritating and stressful, and there have been many days leading up to Christmas where I have wanted to hand my notice in after a hard day at work. 

I think the hardest thing about retail in December has to be dealing with customers who have left their Christmas shopping until the last minute and then get annoyed if you don't have stock in (which we never do during the run-up to Christmas). If you or anyone you know are going Christmas shopping, PLEASE do not get angry with retail workers!! We are simply just doing our job and I guarantee that we are not the ones responsible for your dilemma. 

At Christmas, customers have complained to me about the 5p bag charge, the amount of stock we have, the length of time customers have to wait in the line etc. and I can tell you now that they're all aspects that I have no control over. 

It would make my shift better if customers could realise that, and could treat me with a bit of respect. I have 10,000 other things to worry about, I have exams, I have to buy presents, I have family to see during the holidays, I have things which I'm doing with my friends. A customer being mean to you can be the dampener on your day and make you feel rubbish about yourself. 

What's your experience in retail? What do you wish you could tell all customers at Christmas?

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  1. Ooooo I wrote a post about this last year but re-posted it today for Blogmas! Honestly its the most stressful time of the year and I completely agree with everything you've said. I wish people would understand that were only doing our best.

    KJ x //

    1. I shall have a wee read of that! Thanks for commenting xx


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