The Christmas tag...♡

I was tagged by Colin to do the Christmas tag and I loved reading this post!! 

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie?
It's a Wonderful Life or the Muppets Christmas Carol. I love It's a Wonderful Life and the message behind it. 
Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?
Yes! I remember when I was 3, or there abouts, we were snowed in and my grandpa came to the house to take us for Christmas dinner! 
Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?
I stay at my mums on Christmas eve so I can spend Christmas morning with my sisters, and then my dad picks me up so I can go to my grans for dinner, then we go back to my dads house for the evening. 
What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?
Last Christmas by Wham. 
Do You Open Any Presents On Christmas Eve?
Yes, I open a pair of jammies and a DVD so I can wear my nice jammies for Christmas morning. 
Can You Name All Of Santa’s Reindeer?
Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Blitzen, Vixen, Cupid and Donner. 
What Holiday Traditions Are You Looking Forward To This Year?
I'm not really looking forward to any, but to spending time with my family. 
Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?
What Is Your Favourite Holiday Treat/Food/Sweet?
Pigs in blankets and chocolate oranges! 
Be Honest, Do You Like Giving Or Receiving Gifts Better?

I love giving them! I love seeing people I love happy. 
What Is The Best Christmas Present You Ever Received?
One year, my mum and stepdad told us that they were pregnant with my little sister, and that was definitely my favourite present. 
What Is Your Dream Place To Visit For The Holiday Season?
Moscow or Disneyworld in Florida. 
Are You A Pro Present Wrapper Or Do You Fail Miserably?
Nope, I'm not that good at it. I can wrap boxes but that's it. 
Most Memorable Christmas Memory?
The first year I spent Christmas with my grandparents, there was balloons all over the living room. And then my dad had hidden my bike under a jacket for me. It was so cute!
What Made You Realise The Truth About Santa?
I knew fro a young age. I didn't understand that Santa could get all over the world in one night, but it'd take me a day to get to Australia.
What Makes The Holidays Special For You?
Getting to see the people I love.