Hi guys! Since it is nearing the end of the year, I thought I should do a post summing up what I have learned this year. This year has really been "the year of realising stuff", in the words of Kylie Jenner, and I have had so many experiences and made so many memories this year. It has been a pretty great year, filled with great days and great memories, however some things haven't been so great. I want to discuss what I have learned this year, and just talk about my experience with you guys! 

I have had a really good year in general, and this year started off really well. It was my boyfriends birthday at the start of the year, and we had such a good weekend. I had quite a good (yet stressful!) six or so months in college and met some amazing people. I have met people I consider my best friends, I have booked holidays with said friends, I went to Italy with my best friend (I have done posts about days we spent together) but the good has definitely came with some bad. I have had to deal with a few family tragedies, lost friends who I genuinely thought would always been there for me and felt the worst I have ever felt. 

My experience of 2017 has, therefore, been mixed. Without getting into the political side of things (which have been dire and I just want the EU to keep us forever), 2017 has definitely been a mixed bag. I done a post yesterday about the importance of moving on, whether that be in a friendship, or a relationship, and it was definitely a post of self-reflection. 

I learned this year that it's okay to feel bad, and that your life doesn't have to be perfect all of the time. You're allowed to have down days and feeling bad is perfectly normal, it is a trait of being a human after all! I also learned that self-care isn't just doing a face mask, it isn't just over indulging. Not that that isn't okay, but self-care is also doing things such as getting out of bed when you don't want to face the day, it's going in for a shower even though you think it's pointless, it's cutting toxic people out of your life and it is putting yourself first. 

See you all tomorrow at 6pm! 

Ashleigh xxx 


  1. Awwwwh, boo. You're so right with the last part. It's so important to take care of yourself. I'm so glad you've had a good year though. Merry Christmas xx

    1. Jess that comment was so sweet!! Love you!! XX


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