Hey guys!! It feels like ages since I done a conspiracy theory post (actually about a month), so I found a super interesting one for you! I have so many of these kind of posts planned for 2018, as these coupled with beauty are my favourite things to write about! As you can guess by the title, this theory is about Antarctica and the possible ancient civilisation that may be behind one of the least explored places in the planet.

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There have been so many recent scientific discoveries to say that Antarctica may have at one point been habitable. At one point, scientists have said that the continent used to reach temperatures of as high as 21 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, in 2009, researchers tested the air for traces of pollen, and they discovered that tropical plants used to grow in Antarctica. It's all too possible that humans and other biological creatures also used to live there.

The historian Charles Hapgood claimed in the 20th Century that an ancient civilisation did live in Antarctica, and the obliteration of this civilisation can be explained by "crustal displacement" which is basically the movement of the continents. The continents did move, all of the world used to be one huge continent until about 175 mllion years ago where it all drifted apart. The supercontinent was called Pangea and here is a link to read up on it if you are interested!

However, Hapgood was a historian. That is not to discredit his theory, but it is difficult for someone who does not have a background in geology or archaeology to discuss something so vast and difficult to grasp. Hapgood's theory also loses a lot of credibility when we consider that for his idea of Antarctica to be correct, the continents would have to move at 1500 mph, which would instantly kill all life as we know it.

Furthermore, Native Americans claim to have descended from a civilisation of people who are from a great white island which was obliterated. Could this have been Antarctica? It makes sense for Native Americans to migrate west, towards America and live there. The people of Antarctic are also said to be related to Mayans and Egyptians, as in 2016, 3 four-sided pyramids were found on Google Earth, and the Egyptian and Mayan civilisation both made pyramids. Also, Antarctica has been claimed to be Atlantis, and I have done a post on the theory about Atlantis which you can read here.

Personally, I believe there was an ancient civilisation in Antarctica, however it looks unlikely we will ever find out exactly what happened and who these people were. What do you think of all this? Be sure to let me know in the comments! XX