I am planning to do this kind of post at the end of each month as I feel it is a good way to catch up with my life and what I am doing each month.

The first two weeks of January were pretty quiet, I didn't have uni as I went back on the 15th January, so I was really not doing a lot. I should have been studying, which I sort-of done whenever I could be bothered, but I mainly watched YouTube videos and procrastinated.

I had a marketing test (which is open for two weeks from the 21st January), and I also have a marketing essay due for the 5th February. It usually takes about a month for us to get our essay feedback so I'm not expecting that anytime soon!

As some of you know, I had my business law exam at the start of December and we had a business law assignment which I got my results for in the first week of January. I passed my assignment, which I'm so happy with as business law is a single-semester course so I'm done with that subject! Also, I took history as my elective, but I don't have to continue with it after the first semester so now I have three subjects; marketing, business analysis and economics. Such a weight off my shoulders!

In terms of work, I had a job interview before I went back to uni for Tim Hortons in Glasgow. I was so undecided on taking the job if I was successful, as I have so many holidays planned, and I am used to the holiday procedure in my work. I've already taken them, so it would be easier for me just to stay in my current job right now. I really want to leave my job, as I hate working weekends and have become disillusioned with working in retail, but it makes more sense for me to stay in a place that I am used to. I may apply for more jobs after my holidays are over, but for now I'm going to stay where I am.

I booked my tickets to Milan at the end of 2017, so now I have that sorted! I also have my holiday to the Caribbean to look forward to and my holiday to Berlin and Krakow. I am so looking forward to all these places, so now I need to have a look at places I want to visit when I'm on holiday!! I honestly cannot wait to go away, and planning holidays makes me so excited. I printed out maps of places we were going, and I have started learning phrases in German, Polish and Italian. Me and my friends have booked tickets to Auschwitz and are going to book our museum passes in a few months.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to save more, and I have started doing so! I recently set up an ISA Help to Buy savings account to save for a flat when I finish uni, so I am currently moving my money that I had already saved into that account. I'm also planning on saving money for my holidays. I also have a notebook where I write down all the money I have spent, and it works wonders! It really helps you put your purchases into perspective and ask yourself 'do I really need that?'.

Apart from that, my life has been pretty quiet. I've just been spending time with my friends and loved ones, reading a lot (I have read Around the World in 80 Days by Michael Palin) and I have subscribed to Audible, so I am listening to Dark Matter by Blake Crouch whenever I have a spare few minutes. Me and my dad also watch new episodes of Brooklyn 9 9, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family when they come out and we do this weekly and I have finished Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin (the documentary version of the book).

I've also started going to the gym! I really need a release and something to do instead of studying every night. I'm currently going to one or two classes a week, and I go to yoga and pilates twice a week. I need to mix it up as it also offers access to the swimming pool and sauna!

I got sick in the third week of January, but nothing too serious! I think I just caught a bug as there are so many that are around at this time of year. I'm still feeling unwell, which is rubbish, and hopefully it leaves soon. 

This month, my favourite song has been Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire, my favourite book has been Around the World in 80 Days, and my favourite film (technically I seen this at the end of 2017 but I'm still counting it) is In Bruges!

I really hope the rest of the year is like this as I am getting so used to this relaxed pace!! How has your January been?

Ashleigh xxx